Postat av: Philip

Kan man fortfarande köpa kilten på HM eller finns den någon annan stans att köpa?


2010-01-09 @ 18:01:41
Postat av: Daniel Johansson

fucking awesome!

2010-01-27 @ 19:15:56
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Postat av: nikefree

The book begins with the author's quest to find a shadowy tribe of Mexican

Indians known as the Raramuri (translated as the "Running People," the

Raramuri are more commonly known to outsiders as the Tarahumara). The

Tarahumara inhabit a remote region of the Chihuahuan Desert known as the

Copper Canyons, and they tend to be very shy around outsiders. What is

special about the Tarahumara from the standpoint of this book is that they

are renowned as a culture that revolves around distance running, and among

their numbers are some of the greatest distance runners on this planet.

While on this journey, McDougall meets up with a mysterious American who

lives in the canyons among the Tarahumara and goes by the name of Caballo

Blanco - the "white horse." Caballo lets McDougall in on an audacious plan

that he's concocting - he's organizing a race whereby he hopes to bring

some of the top ultra runners on the planet down to the Copper Canyons to

face off with the best the Tarahumara have to offer on a grueling 50-mile

ultra marathon course.

2010-12-14 @ 10:55:22
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