At first I had my doubts, felt abit silly with a serie with dudes riding their bikes, but I have to say it have proven to be so much more than that. Started watching one episode in the beginning of the weekend and I really got sucked in to it, ended up with watching the whole first season in 2 days! I can honestly say that this show is without any doubt one of the best I've seen in ages, everything is really spot on, I cant describe it with words, the only thing I can say is: WATCH IT to see for yourself how brilliant it is!




Postat av: Kung Victor

wtf? aldrig hört talas om. handling = ?

2009-11-18 @ 12:51:37
Postat av: Tobbe

I told you so! Frickin' awesome series to say the least. After plowing through season one and two, all I long for is a cut and a harley. Perhaps I should considering applying for a spot as prospect with the Red n' White crew, you know the guys at Stockholmsvägen, what's your opinion on that matter?

2009-11-18 @ 13:10:08
Postat av: Oscar ;D

I feel you brother, i would say go for it!

2009-11-19 @ 00:04:17
Postat av: Elin

sv: Ja jag har kollat lite på men man måste väl beställa över någon speciell summa har jag för mig.. men det gör ju inget att ha lite nitar över annars :) hehe

2009-11-19 @ 00:18:43
Postat av: nikefree

At it's heart, Born to Run is much more than a book about running shoes.

In fact, the bulk of McDougall's diatribe against the shoe industry occurs

in just one chapter (Chapter 25 to be exact). Born to Run is more a book

about the love of running - it is a book about regaining the joy that

running can bring to your life, and about why running is more than just a

way to keep your weight down and your muscles toned. It is a book about

why we all should run, and why those of us who enjoy running what many

consider to be insane distances love doing so. It is a book about why

running is a part of our history as a species, and why running is truly a

gift that was bestowed upon us as human beings.

2010-12-14 @ 10:53:16

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