Precis hemkommen från Ikea där jag hjälpte morsan fixa lite småprylar, på väg ut så märkte jag till min stora förvåning att det fanns en svart råtta som givetvis fick följa med mig hem så "råttzor" som jag kallar den gamle kraken kunde få en ny kompis, vilket som ni ser på bild tycks uppskattas till fullo! 


Postat av: Maria

Men! :D har du kvar den där?

2009-11-27 @ 13:55:11
Postat av: nike free

Take off your FiveFingers. The best way to learn how to run in

FiveFingers is to first go barefoot. You must train yourself to land

softly with each stride. By being completely barefoot you will

automatically learn to land correctly. If you try to heal strike while

barefoot, you will get instant feedback in the form of pain! The goal is

to land on the ball of your foot and set the heal down gently. The

research video by Daniel Lieberman explains the benefits of the forefoot

strike. Once you learn this technique (shouldn't take long), put your

FiveFingers on and utilize the extra protection by running on any surface.

Solution: Since you are learning to run without your FiveFingers but most

likely still want to use them. Try wearing them around the house, to the

store, at the gym, to work, etc. This is a good way to lightly strengthen

the lower leg/foot while you are practicing your barefoot running stride.

After you learn the correct way to stride, you will get the most out of

your FiveFingers without risking injury.

2010-12-14 @ 10:50:38

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