My dear friend Mr Chad from The XoXo Kids snapped a few pictures of me today for the Swedish magazine café the best dressed man 2011 competition, Im totally gonna snap that title this year!!

Tank: Rick Owens.
Meshtop: Topman.
Jacket: FCUK.
Bag: Chronicles of never.
Accessories: Martin Margiela.
Shorts: H&M Trend.
Shoes: Prada.

Over and out


Postat av: Ben

What season is that jacket from? I LOVE IT!!!!!

I hope it's from this season?!

2011-09-06 @ 10:54:21
Postat av: Oscar

It's actually from last season Im afraid, fullprice was sick though, about £200 (it's not even real leather) but on the sale it went down to £20! ;D

2011-09-09 @ 00:41:54
Postat av: Patrik

Snyggt du!

2011-09-15 @ 17:55:11
Postat av: Wilma Fredlund

Gullig blogg!

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Oh this amazing street style! I like this idea, thanks

2011-10-31 @ 10:19:21

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