Went around London with Filip this Friday in the search for some sweet stores, managed to find a few but they seem quite rare in central London. Tomorrow im going to Liverpool, Shoreditch, Bricklane in mah search for a new favourite in London, currently i would have to say that A-Machine is numero uno without any doubt!

The sleeveless coat from Lina Osterman is so fuckin epic, wish i had 1700£ to spend.

Managed to find Vivienne Westwoods store, kilts! <3

Tubestation picc on my new shoes, getting better piccs up this week.



Picasso @ Tate Modern.

Picasso @ Tate Modern.

Dont remember who made this but it was def one of the coolest painting I've ever seen.

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol

Went to Tate Modern today with Emil, managed to take a few pictures before my mobilebattery went flat.



Real Cranium @ Natural History Museum.

Narwhal cranium with 2 instead of 1 tusks, apparently about 1 of 800 Narwhals got 2, so it's quite rare!

A part of the Sfinx from Giza's chin @ British museum.

Some randompiccs from museums around London!



Went to what i believe is Acne's flagship store in London yesterday with Filip, 4 stores of pure epic. Had to take some piccs of the top floor (Filip chillin in the right corner), could totally work at that place!

Made a little map on what stores to check out tomorrow, got about 20 to visit all of em quite close to the center of London, lookin forward to it!

/Oscar PS I'll get a pic up tomorrow on "todays outfit", including my lovely new Prada shoes!


Fuckin A, CC + Robert Smith, can it get any better?

/Oscar PS more updates coming soon, been abit hectic during the last week!


Went to Dover Street today, accidently stumbled in to a Prada store and found a pair of shoes, moar piccs tomorrow, stay tuned! Also tried the Hannah Marshall ring on, it's even more awesome then on the picc!



So I've been in London for about 4 days now, everything is going good in the english-school im studying at, most people is actually worse then i am in english.

Did some tourist stuff today with Filip, Madame Tussauds was quite a bummer to be honest, but atleast I can say that I've been there now. We also went to Trafalgar square, picadilly, Dover street and most of the bigger central streets, we felt like real tourists!



Woohoo, i got accepted to Kaplan in London, followed by work for half a year+! I can guarantee more updates on streetstyle/photoshoots and well more frequent updates in general, stay tuned!



Jacob Coupe in a new reinterpretation on the classics, such as Prada/Givenchy for my favourite magazine: METAL†

Styling: Emil Rebek.
Photography: Giordgio Codazzi.
Video: Giorgio Codazzi & Pasquale Ettorre.

/Oscar PS I would kill for the Crown of thorn's necklace!


Quite obsessed with Hannah Martin x Hannah Marshall's rings, would totally buy one if they were available online + I had the cash ofc!


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