I went to Harvey Nichols yesterday, in the hunt for the sandals, leggings and the kilt from earlier post.

As they only had a bunch of t-shirts and quite boring things I left my details for the next delivery which will be more of the things taken straight from the show and definetly the sandals! :)

As I did feel a need of getting something, I got these two badges from S/S12 to still my hunger with the motive from last season!

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Going to Harvey Nichols tomorrow to check out if they got these babies yet + a white kilt, if not I would just have to order from Luisaviaroma, looks like I would have to wait to March though... :(

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We all know how hyped the platform-shoe have been these past few seasons, it's impossible to miss and it's not going to be different this summer nor next winter as most of the bigger designers are jumping on the bandwagon.

Personally I am quite picky when it comes to shoes as Creepers and those killer Spice Girls platforms is way to much for my taste + they tend to look abit tacky.

High street all look the same, basically workwearboots (ripping Givenchy) or Chukk's with soles in either cork, foam, rubber or a random mix trying to rip off Prada, basically epic-fail!

I'm trying to find a good looking shoe that is something inbetween the British Creeper and a more dressed, simple option. This is a few of my favourites.

From the top George Cox X Yohji Yamamoto, second one is George Cox X Japanese LABRAT and last but not least the A/W 11 shoes from Mugler X Underground.

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Pictures in courtesy of Attitude

Im quite the fan of black, as most of my readers probably know by now. This season however there's so much designers going for the "all-white" look that I might just give it a go. Just look at these pictures above from Attitude's February Issue!

Picc 1: Top, JW Anderson.
Picc 2: Yves Saint Laurent.
Picc 3: Givenchy.

Photographer: Philip Riches.
Stylist: Frank Strachan.

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Pictures in courtesy of: 1. Obscur SS12, 2. Fannie Schiavoni, 3. Pelayo Diaz

Few random piccs, enjoy!

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My fellow blogger and friend Wiktor aka The Wiktor Diet shared these pictures with me today from a photoshoot, dressed in Barbara Gongini SS12.

If you never heard of Wiktor before, it's about time you do, as he does ALL of the styling, makeup and photo editing on his own, not just on these pictures above, but on all of them, which is quite impressive!

I've been following Wiktor's Blog and Tumblr for a long time. What makes his blog stand out from the crowd and worth following is not just his impeccable sense of style, but the way he edit his work!

The fact that it's all done by himself gives him this rare chance to share the exact expression and feeling that he's looking for with each single picture and you do see this shining through all of them. For me as a reader this is truly inspiring and I know for a fact that Wiktor is going to go a long way if he continues following the path he's walking...

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As someone decided to knick my old "bag on a string"-wallet a few weeks ago I've been looking for something new that could fill a simular function, I knew for a fact that it had to be something edgy and interesting.

So today when I got my hands on this very rare vintage Yohji Yamamoto Homme wallet I just had to go for it! Look at all those details, it's pretty amazing, innit!?!

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Not a newsflash for most people walking down Carnaby street regularly as the renovation been going on for quite a while, a few of you might have noticed that they've got a concession in Selfridges aswell since last year.

What you might not know about Monki though is the fact that it's the Swedish sister brand of Cheap Monday and Weekday, which is run by Fabric Scandinavia and owned by the bigger company H&M!

Cheap Monday which most people probably know from Urban Outfitters here in UK is also going to be a part of this new store concept and most likely we will see a mix of the three brands. Judging by the most recent interview on the matter on Weekdays website with Danish Mr.Henrik Aaen which started working for the company as COO last year, there's going to be a store for men aswell in the spring of 2012. My guess is that it's going to be a part of this one, but who know's, maybe we get our own dedicated store?

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This year H&M decided to start a new award with focus on upcoming designers. Graduates from 14 prominent schools around 6 countries in Europe will be getting the chance to win a price of 50.000 Euro and show their own designs worldwide!

26 year old Isabelle Lundh from Beckmans in Stockholm will be the first of 6 nominees, she will be representing Sweden in the competition, good luck Isabelle!

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Received the invitation for The London College of Fashions MA Students show @ the V&A and the exhibition, really looking forward to it!


Check out a few of the students work on the following link

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Favourite pick, Jil Sander A/W 2012, pictures and following in courtesy of Style.

Favourite pick, Costume National A/W 2012.

Favourite pick, Neil Barrett A/W 2012.

Favourite pick, Dolce & Gabbana A/W 2012.

Favourite pick, Roberto Cavalli A/W 2012.

Favourite pick, Burberry Prorsum A/W 2012.

Figured as the Men's Fashion Week in Milan started a few days ago, I would try to give a brief update on my favourites this far and a few words on what ties these together.

From the top we can see Mr Raf's collection for Jil Sander, the first thing that catches the eye is obviously the daring leather, but also the fact that they are going back to black which is quite a change from the earlier seasons when they had the mainfocus on color-blocking. I really do like this new concept and it might seem abit tacky or fetisch to some, but it's so well tailored with those perfect fitted suit-jackets and narrow trousers that I could definietly see people wearing this next winter, without worrying about looking like a butcher or a random follower of a satanic cult, thumbs up!

Costume National is definetly my personal favourite this far as they do have the best mix of what I like. Darker clean outfits with shades of black, grey, off-white and navy perfectly tied together with an interesting mix of fabrics, details and not to mention the accessories which I do love, look at those shoes!

Dolce & Gabbana is actually shaping up quite a bit in comparison to earlier seasons, taking out the turns abit which I think is about time. I really do have to say that I like these embroided details and honestly for the first time I could see myself wearing quite a few things. Apparently the duo said that they got the main inspiration from family for this collection and Dolce's dad's tailored Tistera (Cape) was noteably a strong influence in the collection.

Roberto Cavalli put's focus on a new take of the the traditional look. I have to say that I really do like this. It's much less tacky and the things go very well together. The fact that he choose to throw some color in there is definetly not a bad thing either as most designers seem to go for a darker color palette for A/W 12. Even though I might not be a big fan of colors as I mostly wear black I do have to say that it works quite well for this slightly more sporty collection.

As for Burberry Prorsum, Baily's collection is very much influenced by the English gentleman, in a mix of different varietys of fabrics and cuts. Not my cup of tea as what I would personally wear, but I do however love the look of the proper British gentleman, one outfit for each activity/hobby! As I work right next to Savile Row in London it's something that I luckily get to see every day and with loads of different interesting takes!

I would like to point out that the almost all of the collections for A/W 12 is tied together by one detail, which is the dressed and tailored look, as seen on the pictures above.

We can still see the double breasted suit-jacket from last season, more leather and a bigger focus on the accessories such as the Clutc which is seen everywhere, Backpacks, Gloves, Hats and in Burberry the Umbrella, which I've already picked up on from SS 12.

And last but not least, the Long-coat/Cape which is my favourite garment is definetly going to be a strong piece to finish off that perfect look for the next season!

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Pictures in courtesy of LN-CC.

Got a glimpse of these babies from Ann Demeulemeester today @ DSM, god they are nice, deffo a must have sandal for SS12!

Had a look at a pair of shoes from Raf Simons aswell with the silverchain around the sole, can't find any proper pictures of these in large resolution though so might snap a few myself tomorrow!

Best one with the silverchain is probably on the website.

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So today I received this little brochure in the mail from Dover Street Market with a invitation to the new season of COMME des GARÇONS wich will open tomorrow on the 14th of January!

Judging by the cover it's put together by René Burri, which is probably most well known for the iconic pictures of Che Guevara and the political aspect of his work.

The photos seem to be set in the end of WW2 in mainly Germany and France, showing us the aftereffect of what once was and how people adapt to the new and better!

What more splendid way to picture the aftermath of a war than the smile of a innocent child?

And what better way to open up the doors for a new season of CDG!!



So today I've been thinking a little bit about what to do with the blog and what I want to focus on for future updates.

Can't say that I had loads of good ideas, but the more I was thinking about it, the more obvious it became! Im going to do a big shopping-guide, including all of my favourite shops in London, and trust me there's quite a few of them!

And as I do know London quite well, especially shoppingwise it feels like the perfect idea to update with a new store + shorter article every week with the best London has to offer!

(Snapped these picc on my lunchbreak, everything is located around Mayfair)

Stay Tuned!



Realised that I look quite pissed off, Im actually just really, really tired after a hard days work.

So this would probably be one of my most worn outfits right now, nice and clean but yet not to simple due to the details and mix of fabrics, enjoy!

Jacket: Hope
Tee: Whyred
Gloves: Filippa K
Umbrella: Archer Adams
Sweatpants: Acne
Shoes: Prada

More updates are deffo incoming! Going to try and put something together with the upcoming trends for next season and my personal favourites of the new SS 12 collections that arrived this week!

Probably get some of my current inspiration up here aswell from a few of my fav magazines!

Feel free to drop a line if you got any requests or ideas regarding further updates.

Stay tuned!!



So I am going to try and be abit more frequent when it comes to updates on this blog, actually it seems like I've got quite a few regular "readers" even though I rarely update which gives me a little bit of a push!.

For these pictures I've tried my new Canon Powershot S95 and realised that something is wrong, all of the piccs come up blurry even though the light is ok'ish + I've had a good go at the different options, ISO, quality, resolution etc.

I'll give it 1 more go tomorrow and see if I can figure it out, unless they get sharper I'll use a Leica for future reference!

Im wearing:
Coat: Yohji Yamamoto
Sweater: Ante
Jeans: Marc Jacobs
Bag: Chronicles of Never
Shoes: Prada

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Should have uploaded this quite a while ago but yeah, as they say, better late than never!

So basically for my readers that cant read/understand Swedish: I won a competition in Swedens biggest magazine for men, the 1st price was a shopingspree worth about equal to £4500!

The brands were a few Swedish favourites and I found a bunch of nice stuff, figure I'd probably put some piccs up of me actually wearing these things that I won. However as Im not the most frequent blogger it might take a little while but I'll deffo get a picc of my jacket up from Hope which I absolutely LOVE and wear more or less every single day!

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