The first single from Digitalism's upcoming album "I love you, dude", ready to drop on the 20th of June!

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Just got a package with these little babies from Acne ss10 + a picture of the latest addition to our family, Mira! And a little note from my lovely mom, I do miss my family more then I thought I would, it's just these small things that make you really really happy!





About time, got a new haircut today! Been abit lazy + I did not really know what I wanted to do with my long hair, have to say that I really like it though, thanks to the peeps @ Vision, quite different eh?

Bought a new sweater that I've been craving for quite a while to, it's from Ante in Brick Lane, new favourite?



Breakfast Club, Soho. Followed by Nakknas showroom, only parts of the A/W 11 collection though. Sunbathing in 20 degrees, pretty fookin awesome.






I love how the new meet the old and the graffiti tie it all together...

One of my favourite stores in London, stocking Rick Owens DRK SHDW + the Mainline, MMM and upcoming designershoes/jewellery for ladies.

The clothing goes so well with the interior, I guess that I always had a thing for b/w, probably because I grew up in a white home in Sweden with a mom that had a big thing for interior. I'd guess I started wearing black one day to go against all the white around me and slowly just grew in to the idea of always wearing it, understandin how much you can actually do with just one simple color as long as you got a little bit of imagination.



Stole the pic from Oki-ni.

Had a dream about this coat from Rick Owen SS10 last night, again. Since I came to London I really started to understand the true value of money, how hard it is to have a constant craving for designer clothing with a slave-salary. God I miss the good old days when I could click home a jacket for £800 without really putting that much thought into it...

Over and cravings



I've only got one true desire this year, one true craving, and that is Lanvins amazing Jewellery from the men's S/S 11 Collection!

I know that it's old news, but I've been thinking about these babies for about half a year now and it seems like they are freakin stuck in my head wheter I want it or not... what to do? :/




From the latest issue of 160g, Nothing Is Written.


Directed by: Nicolas Valois.

Styling: Rene Gloor.




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