A small part of my wardrobe, basically what I managed to fit into my bag when moving here from Schweden. Obviously I got tons of folded stuff aswell! ;P

Front: Acne sandals, Prada brogues, Prada studded brogues, Acne boots.

Back: Alejandro Ingelmo, H&M-Trend, Converse.



Went to Hyde Park today to eat Serpentine's bespoken pizza with my roomie and his m8 from Borås, first time I eat pizza in like half a year so the expectations were quite high and I'd have to say they were well succeeded, mozarella + ham and a pint of beer + perfect weather, can it get much better?

Popped by Red Gallery in Shoreditch aswell to check the I-D customisation event with Katie Eary and Fred butler.

Decided to bring an old t-shirt from Weekday to pimp up and once I started cutting stuff I just got drawn in to it, kinda spellbound like with most stuff that I put my mind in to, and well above is the result.

We were supposed to work with animal prints and first off I thought about Zebra patterns but realised that alot of people had the same idea so I went over to something completely else, a mouth of some kind of monster, maybe a tiger?

And well this is kinda what I ended up with, not really a zebra pattern and not really a big jaw but some mix of them both and I'd have to say for doing it under 1hr the first time I work with prints/heat presses it went quite good!

Oh and I got the latest issue of I-D aswell, which is just amazing with Kristen McMenamy on the cover, mmmmm Givenchy, wish I had the Crown of thorn necklace in my posession...



What I wore today, showing off my crazy paint-skillz!

Cap: H&M.
Top: Topman, Ante.
Rings: VW, MMM.
Bottom: American Apparel, H&M-Trend.
Shoes: Prada.






Played with my phone abit, parts of what I wore today.

Top: Topman, Nakkna.
Rings: Vivienne Westwood, Maison Martin Margiela.
Bottom: Year Zero London.
Shoes: Prada.



Topman released some new pieces today to the AAA-range and I found a really nice mesh-sweater for £28 which I obviously had to buy.

Popped by the talented family Tatum/Rocky Mazzilli's and Louise Michielsen's store Year Zero London which is located on Beak St (right around the corner from Carnaby St).

Luckily for me they've just released some new stuff from this season that was actually just plain black instead of rainbow-crazy.

I tried on a few of the new pieces and just fell in love with a pair of mesh-trousers, the best thing with these though, besides the fact that the material is just really, really nice is actually that you can wear them as a pair of shorts aswell as a pair of trousers. I love it when designers think abit further and make the specific garment/piece more versatile to the user.



Sorry for the lol'piccs. I just wanted to share some nice t-shirt cravings, top picture is a personal favourite from Givenchy, released a few days ago.

On the bottompictures we've got Katie Eary S/S 11. IF I would ever go over from black to something abit more colorful I would definitely wear K-E as her stuff is just pure win!



I'm from Barcelona's latest single, Always Spring! Swedish Spring is the best, it's just simply impossible to beat!



Top track right now!



Last week Prada decided to re-release the A/W 2009 studded brogue in their London store @ New Bond St exclusively, as a little present for all of their true customers.

I remember when I wanted to travel all the way to France, JUST to get my hands on these babies, but heard that they sold out in a week or less. My life was shattered in a million pieces and the ripoff from H&M Trend just had to do as a consolation, which I by the way traveled all the way to Stockholm to get as it was obviously limited aswell.

One and a half year later I stumble up on one pair in London, and well as they say, better late then never...



Popped by Showstudio Shop today, god that place is amazing!

Hannah just reminded me of an old craving of mine which seems to pop up way to often in my head...




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