So in some fucked up way I managed to get in to a big shoot with Dazed & Confused for their September Issue, some of the biggest designers for A/W11.

First off I thought it would be some kind of group shoot as I managed to get in to it via Facebook, but after a while I realised that I would get atleast one whole page with me, just me?!

Apparently over 300 people applied for the shoot and only 2-3 got in.
After they've done my hair I tried on some clothing from JW Anderson, a sick black skirt for way to much $$ and a really fitted top + the shoes with the "mohawk" on the front toe, I felt like a child on christmas! Apparently they've decided that the top was abit to small for me so bummer, I had to change to J Lindeberg instead...

Met so much nice people, both models and stylists and the photographer was Swedish aswell. God I've just had the most amazing breathtaking day, so much to take in and it still feels like abit of a dream. To be able to be model for a day for one of UK's biggest fashion magazines and personally one of my favourites aswell, this + Harrods starting on Monday, things are looking way better then a few months ago when I was stuck in that hell-hole FCUK!

Over and out



Piccs in courtesy of Candy.

Candy Nippons latest photoshoot with designers such as Gareth Pugh, Katie Eary, Kathleen Kye, Long Clothing X Boy London, Bolshie.

Photographer: Ayako Kichikawa.
Stylist: Masahiro Nakajima.
Hair: Kunio Kohzaki.
Makeup: Ina.

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crappy piccs ftw.

Coat: DIY, H&M.
Sweater/t-shirt: Givenchy.
Jewellery: Vivienne westwood.
Long Johns: American Apparell.
Shoes: Studded Brogues, Prada.



Deffo going to be the next shoe that I purchase, look at that, pure f-in shoe-porn!



piccs in courtesy of Romainlecam.

God I just fell in love with these pictures of Boy London X LONG Clothing's recent collab.

Im not sure if it's the perfect light in the piccs, the raw mix of neon/black or the sick accessories that makes em pop out of the screen. I do know one thing though, that they are fuckin raaad!!

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Been watching this music video a zillion times a day since the release about 10 days ago and I never seem to get tired of it, so friggin Epic!!