Realised that I look quite pissed off, Im actually just really, really tired after a hard days work.

So this would probably be one of my most worn outfits right now, nice and clean but yet not to simple due to the details and mix of fabrics, enjoy!

Jacket: Hope
Tee: Whyred
Gloves: Filippa K
Umbrella: Archer Adams
Sweatpants: Acne
Shoes: Prada

More updates are deffo incoming! Going to try and put something together with the upcoming trends for next season and my personal favourites of the new SS 12 collections that arrived this week!

Probably get some of my current inspiration up here aswell from a few of my fav magazines!

Feel free to drop a line if you got any requests or ideas regarding further updates.

Stay tuned!!



So I am going to try and be abit more frequent when it comes to updates on this blog, actually it seems like I've got quite a few regular "readers" even though I rarely update which gives me a little bit of a push!.

For these pictures I've tried my new Canon Powershot S95 and realised that something is wrong, all of the piccs come up blurry even though the light is ok'ish + I've had a good go at the different options, ISO, quality, resolution etc.

I'll give it 1 more go tomorrow and see if I can figure it out, unless they get sharper I'll use a Leica for future reference!

Im wearing:
Coat: Yohji Yamamoto
Sweater: Ante
Jeans: Marc Jacobs
Bag: Chronicles of Never
Shoes: Prada

Over and out



My dear friend Mr Chad from The XoXo Kids snapped a few pictures of me today for the Swedish magazine café the best dressed man 2011 competition, Im totally gonna snap that title this year!!

Tank: Rick Owens.
Meshtop: Topman.
Jacket: FCUK.
Bag: Chronicles of never.
Accessories: Martin Margiela.
Shorts: H&M Trend.
Shoes: Prada.

Over and out



So in some fucked up way I managed to get in to a big shoot with Dazed & Confused for their September Issue, some of the biggest designers for A/W11.

First off I thought it would be some kind of group shoot as I managed to get in to it via Facebook, but after a while I realised that I would get atleast one whole page with me, just me?!

Apparently over 300 people applied for the shoot and only 2-3 got in.
After they've done my hair I tried on some clothing from JW Anderson, a sick black skirt for way to much $$ and a really fitted top + the shoes with the "mohawk" on the front toe, I felt like a child on christmas! Apparently they've decided that the top was abit to small for me so bummer, I had to change to J Lindeberg instead...

Met so much nice people, both models and stylists and the photographer was Swedish aswell. God I've just had the most amazing breathtaking day, so much to take in and it still feels like abit of a dream. To be able to be model for a day for one of UK's biggest fashion magazines and personally one of my favourites aswell, this + Harrods starting on Monday, things are looking way better then a few months ago when I was stuck in that hell-hole FCUK!

Over and out



crappy piccs ftw.

Coat: DIY, H&M.
Sweater/t-shirt: Givenchy.
Jewellery: Vivienne westwood.
Long Johns: American Apparell.
Shoes: Studded Brogues, Prada.



What I wore today, showing off my crazy paint-skillz!

Cap: H&M.
Top: Topman, Ante.
Rings: VW, MMM.
Bottom: American Apparel, H&M-Trend.
Shoes: Prada.



Played with my phone abit, parts of what I wore today.

Top: Topman, Nakkna.
Rings: Vivienne Westwood, Maison Martin Margiela.
Bottom: Year Zero London.
Shoes: Prada.








As usual I've been abit lazy on updates, here's todays outfit though!



The word on the street is true, I actually woke up one day and decided to dye my hair blue, this is how it looked! Currently it's back to black though, apparently you cant rock blue hair @ French Connection! :(



Been slackin quite much on the bloggin "lately", decided to start update more frequently again though. To start with, here's a blurry picc of what i would have looked like IF i would have had the chance to attend to Stockholm
Fashion Week (Todays outfit).



Some new piccs, hope you like em.

/Oscar PS dead hands ftw!


Piccs by: Anna lång

Some radompictures from yesterdays "photoshoot", enjoy!



Decided it's about time I put some more effort in my pictures as it's mainly what this blog is about, so today I got help from my friend Anna to shoot a few pictures around the area of Strömmen in Norrköping.

The result... well what do you think?

/Oscar PS more piccs incoming after the weekend!


Knight Rider, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. Michael Knight, a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law!



Todays outfit is inspired by Mr.Pelayo.





About time i get some piccs up, enjoy!




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