Mah new friend!



Pure epic, press the pic for a pre-release of Glasvegas latest album!



Interview with Mr Yohji himself.



"Fabric is everything. Often I tell my pattern makers, 'Just listen to the material. What is it going to say? Just wait the material will probably teach you something'." -Yohji, A/W 1996.


"This is my idea for a woman's body. I like the curve of a woman's back. I always watch her silhouette in the streets" -Yohji, in homage to Pina Bausch, S/S 1992.

I went to Yohji Yamamoto's exhibition today at Victoria & albert. It was interesting to see all of that history from one of our biggest fashion-designers gathered in one small room. You were able to read magazines/books and watch most of his fashionshows + listen to his very own music.

No pictures in the exhibition-room though, these are some pictures of pieces that they put out abit randomly around the museum.



What am I supposed to watch now, besides Californication? :/



Pictures and Video from StyleLikeU.

If I could have 1 wardrobe in the whole wide world it would probably be Andrew Mukamal or maybe maybe Panos Yiapanis. Anyway all of his clothing is amazing and his accessories is to-die-for, look at the rings and bracelets, dear god.



Bought some new stuff today in order to meet the spring properly!

1. Sunglasses, Topman SS11, John Panel Long John Trs, Acne SS11.

2. Shorts H&M £10, inside-out.






I got nominated as one of Swedens Best Dressed "Normal" Men 2010 in the biggest fashion magazine in Sweden for men, Café. Sadly enough I forgot that I were in this competition and later on heard from a friend after a winner was cored that appprently I was one of the nominees in the final.

Well better late then never.





Just stumbled upon this liverecording on one of Lykke Li's latest tunes from Last Tuesday Society in East London. I still remember the first time I got the chance to see Lykke live in 2007 @ Hultsfred Sweden. She walked out on that stage with a megafon in her right hand, which most people seemed to think was quite odd. But at the exact moment she started singing I just knew that she was going to go further then this small crowd in Hultsfred Atlantis with her truly epic voice and sound...


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