I went to Harvey Nichols yesterday, in the hunt for the sandals, leggings and the kilt from earlier post.

As they only had a bunch of t-shirts and quite boring things I left my details for the next delivery which will be more of the things taken straight from the show and definetly the sandals! :)

As I did feel a need of getting something, I got these two badges from S/S12 to still my hunger with the motive from last season!

Over & out



As someone decided to knick my old "bag on a string"-wallet a few weeks ago I've been looking for something new that could fill a simular function, I knew for a fact that it had to be something edgy and interesting.

So today when I got my hands on this very rare vintage Yohji Yamamoto Homme wallet I just had to go for it! Look at all those details, it's pretty amazing, innit!?!

Over and out



Since I've been living in UK for more than a year now and never really owned a proper umbrella (strange, I know!) I've had abit of a craving for a nice one and managed to found the Alexander Mc Queen Umbrella a while back (which can be seen on the top pictures) but I find it to be slightly to big for my taste as I would like it to be abit more convenient and to fit in a normal bag.

However I did notice that they do a smaller version aswell but I found that one to be abit to small instead as I do want some kind of handle and just the skull would be abit cold in the palm as it's made in silver.

Last week I popped by Liberty for a change to have a look around at the pre-collections for next season... and to my surprise I found the most amazing umbrella which I imagined would be from Mc Queen aswell but in a different style for the next season maybe that I missed?!?

As I had a closer look at it I realised quite fast that it was actually from the London based designer Archer Adams which is quite well known in bespoke tailoring with abit more focus on trends and accessories. I've been thinking about it for a few days and made my mind up today and I have to say that I really, really like it!

Normally I would never wish for rain but please, let there be just a little bit of rain so I can sport my new umbrella!!

Over and out



Got myself a pair of new sunglasses @ Liberty today, u gotta love Linda Farrow!


Topman released some new pieces today to the AAA-range and I found a really nice mesh-sweater for £28 which I obviously had to buy.

Popped by the talented family Tatum/Rocky Mazzilli's and Louise Michielsen's store Year Zero London which is located on Beak St (right around the corner from Carnaby St).

Luckily for me they've just released some new stuff from this season that was actually just plain black instead of rainbow-crazy.

I tried on a few of the new pieces and just fell in love with a pair of mesh-trousers, the best thing with these though, besides the fact that the material is just really, really nice is actually that you can wear them as a pair of shorts aswell as a pair of trousers. I love it when designers think abit further and make the specific garment/piece more versatile to the user.



Last week Prada decided to re-release the A/W 2009 studded brogue in their London store @ New Bond St exclusively, as a little present for all of their true customers.

I remember when I wanted to travel all the way to France, JUST to get my hands on these babies, but heard that they sold out in a week or less. My life was shattered in a million pieces and the ripoff from H&M Trend just had to do as a consolation, which I by the way traveled all the way to Stockholm to get as it was obviously limited aswell.

One and a half year later I stumble up on one pair in London, and well as they say, better late then never...



Mah new friend!



Bought some new stuff today in order to meet the spring properly!

1. Sunglasses, Topman SS11, John Panel Long John Trs, Acne SS11.

2. Shorts H&M £10, inside-out.



Actually im saving cash for my Londontrip but due to the sale/clearance i had to get a pair of Sequin shorts from Julia Hederus and a Crew neck west from Rick Owens!

Updating next week with a kick-ass photoshoot!



Tried a bucnh of different sandals yesterday, but in the end... as always you end up with a pair from Acne, the only thing missing now is summer!


Trying to order but apparently im not able to, baaah!



Fukk, kunde inte hålla mig då dom har REAFever, trodde bara att det skulle gälla alla tidigare plagg men när jag gick in märkte jag till min förvåning att det även gällde Rick Owens plaggen som nyligen har ramlat in på deras webshop.

Givetvis suktar jag lite efter alla plagg och hooden med dragkedjan är väll det plagget som känns mest "Rick Owens" men det landade på Sweatpantsen och en Tee!


Fukk, just bought some things from Rick Owens Drkshdw, even though i've got no money left, good thing they were 50% so i got 2 instead of 1! :p

/Oscar PS dont miss this Trendsetter interview with the man behind Oki-ni!


Tagit fotona med min gamla Xperia, så här fint blir det!

Droppat några CV'n idag i jakt på ett nytt jobb, passade även på att införskaffa Acnes senaste jeansmodell + en halvtransparent tischa från HM med ett schnyggt grafiskt tryck!

Nu ska jag kolla på Äntligen Hemma följt av Jag ska bli stjärna, ett nytt program som verkar handla om småkids och deras mål att bli bäst på det dom gör, har på känn att det kommer att vara mycket humoristiskt! :)




Got mah new ring today, fits perfect! So this week I'm off to Stockholm in search for a new job and some christmas shopping, good thing my dad lives in Vasastan because I can crash at his place whenever I feel like taking a trip to the capital. Now im off for a shower though, followed by some tea and toasts and before im off I'll hopefully get todays outfit up!






Beställde skorna igår och dom kom idag, vilket är ganska imponerande då dom kommer hela vägen från London. Utöver den snabba leveransen så fick jag ett samtal från DHL där dom frågade om jag ville att dom skulle köra ut paketet till mitt jobb, vem bangar på det? DHL har tidigare visat sig strula lite när det gäller utkörning och hämtning av paket, men denna leverans är utan tvekan den bästa någonsin både inrikes/utrikes, hoppas att dom forstätter i samma anda till ev framtida paket! Nu ska jag dock iväg till Ikea, slänger upp bild på skorna/dagens lite senare.




My goal were to snap some descent pictures of todays "outfit" after I've watched one episode of Myggan, one thing led to another and it seems like I fell asleep and woke up now a few hours later, so I guess I'll have to postpoon on those pictures for tomorrow maybe?

Anyway, I love these new jeans from Acne in fake leather, they wll be mine for sure the coming week when im off to the capital on a mission to find a new job! Ordered the shoes from Alejandro Ingelmo today to, cant wait, now im off to sleep though as it seems 1 hour a night is not quite enough! ;p

Over and out



Armbandet kom idag, sweet!





I've been really tired lately due to early workhours, therefore I've been slacking abit with updates on the blog.

Got my new skirt today though and the "leggings", both of em fits perfect and looks awesome on! I'll prolly post some piccs later on today, now im off to take the swineflueshot due to my f'cked up heart.





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