I've been really tired lately due to early workhours, therefore I've been slacking abit with updates on the blog.

Got my new skirt today though and the "leggings", both of em fits perfect and looks awesome on! I'll prolly post some piccs later on today, now im off to take the swineflueshot due to my f'cked up heart.


Postat av: Anonym

omg do you have a fucked up heart? didn't know that !

:O :((((

2009-11-11 @ 16:14:10
Postat av: claudia

dreglar!!! :)

2009-11-11 @ 21:34:50
Postat av: Administrator

Running all-natural supposedly makes you more aware of your stride (well,

duh), you are able to feel the way your feet land and correct the stride

to feel the best. Apparently, today's fancy, expensive running shoes do

nothing more than mess with our stride, making us pound heels first into

the ground which is what is responsible for a slew of injuries from knee

pain, shin splits, and more. The pressure that shoots up with each shoe-

stride is huge because the force is localized to one specific area.

2010-12-14 @ 10:35:14

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