Got mah new ring today, fits perfect! So this week I'm off to Stockholm in search for a new job and some christmas shopping, good thing my dad lives in Vasastan because I can crash at his place whenever I feel like taking a trip to the capital. Now im off for a shower though, followed by some tea and toasts and before im off I'll hopefully get todays outfit up!


Postat av: Sabina

nice :)

2009-11-30 @ 13:17:48
URL: http://missmalmberg.blogspot.com
Postat av: Johan

Mmm, den är riktigt snygg! Spanat lite på den med.

Tycker Margielas accessoarer överlag är riktigt snygga i höst =)

2009-12-01 @ 02:20:32
URL: http://freudiankicks.wordpress.com/
Postat av: nike free run

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Seriously... who lives out in a nice clean area where the idea of pounding

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2010-12-14 @ 10:35:49
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