Considering it's been quite a fuzz around chunky necklaces lately, especially since Mr Pelayo got that sponsored Mawi necklace from LN-CC I thought I'd make a post of my top 3 favourites.

1. Givenchy Dog Collar Necklace.
2. Mawi Skull/Tusk Necklace.
3. Lanvin Long Brass Chunky Tusk Necklace (find in store, new collection looks about the same but the color differs abit, more gold'ish).

Obviously the Givenchy A/W 11 dog necklace is on top because it's fuckin rad!!

I might actually be able to afford the tusk though from Lanvin S/S11 collection considering it's currently on sale but on the other hand it's still £450... might be better to save my hard earned cash for a nice Givenchy suit instead, or? :/


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2011-09-27 @ 08:06:55

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