"Fabric is everything. Often I tell my pattern makers, 'Just listen to the material. What is it going to say? Just wait the material will probably teach you something'." -Yohji, A/W 1996.


"This is my idea for a woman's body. I like the curve of a woman's back. I always watch her silhouette in the streets" -Yohji, in homage to Pina Bausch, S/S 1992.

I went to Yohji Yamamoto's exhibition today at Victoria & albert. It was interesting to see all of that history from one of our biggest fashion-designers gathered in one small room. You were able to read magazines/books and watch most of his fashionshows + listen to his very own music.

No pictures in the exhibition-room though, these are some pictures of pieces that they put out abit randomly around the museum.


Postat av: William

Hm okej, ja det var lite att ta i...

Ska kika runt lite, tusen tack för tipsen igen!!


2011-03-24 @ 23:32:03
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