Went to Hyde Park today to eat Serpentine's bespoken pizza with my roomie and his m8 from Borås, first time I eat pizza in like half a year so the expectations were quite high and I'd have to say they were well succeeded, mozarella + ham and a pint of beer + perfect weather, can it get much better?

Popped by Red Gallery in Shoreditch aswell to check the I-D customisation event with Katie Eary and Fred butler.

Decided to bring an old t-shirt from Weekday to pimp up and once I started cutting stuff I just got drawn in to it, kinda spellbound like with most stuff that I put my mind in to, and well above is the result.

We were supposed to work with animal prints and first off I thought about Zebra patterns but realised that alot of people had the same idea so I went over to something completely else, a mouth of some kind of monster, maybe a tiger?

And well this is kinda what I ended up with, not really a zebra pattern and not really a big jaw but some mix of them both and I'd have to say for doing it under 1hr the first time I work with prints/heat presses it went quite good!

Oh and I got the latest issue of I-D aswell, which is just amazing with Kristen McMenamy on the cover, mmmmm Givenchy, wish I had the Crown of thorn necklace in my posession...



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