Topman released some new pieces today to the AAA-range and I found a really nice mesh-sweater for £28 which I obviously had to buy.

Popped by the talented family Tatum/Rocky Mazzilli's and Louise Michielsen's store Year Zero London which is located on Beak St (right around the corner from Carnaby St).

Luckily for me they've just released some new stuff from this season that was actually just plain black instead of rainbow-crazy.

I tried on a few of the new pieces and just fell in love with a pair of mesh-trousers, the best thing with these though, besides the fact that the material is just really, really nice is actually that you can wear them as a pair of shorts aswell as a pair of trousers. I love it when designers think abit further and make the specific garment/piece more versatile to the user.



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