Since I've been living in UK for more than a year now and never really owned a proper umbrella (strange, I know!) I've had abit of a craving for a nice one and managed to found the Alexander Mc Queen Umbrella a while back (which can be seen on the top pictures) but I find it to be slightly to big for my taste as I would like it to be abit more convenient and to fit in a normal bag.

However I did notice that they do a smaller version aswell but I found that one to be abit to small instead as I do want some kind of handle and just the skull would be abit cold in the palm as it's made in silver.

Last week I popped by Liberty for a change to have a look around at the pre-collections for next season... and to my surprise I found the most amazing umbrella which I imagined would be from Mc Queen aswell but in a different style for the next season maybe that I missed?!?

As I had a closer look at it I realised quite fast that it was actually from the London based designer Archer Adams which is quite well known in bespoke tailoring with abit more focus on trends and accessories. I've been thinking about it for a few days and made my mind up today and I have to say that I really, really like it!

Normally I would never wish for rain but please, let there be just a little bit of rain so I can sport my new umbrella!!

Over and out


Postat av: linus

awsoooooome! :D

2012-01-05 @ 19:29:41

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