Just watched the last episode of Entourage, still got a tear in my eye! 8 epic seasons reached it's end!

Ari, Eric, Vincent, Drama, Turtle and many more! It was Quite a twist for the last episode!

In case you've never watched Entourage I strongly recommend it, one of my favourite series all time!

Oh here's some piccs from Vogue Fashions Night Out, can u spot me?


Postat av: E

RIP, asså.

2011-09-12 @ 23:29:06
URL: http://vidunderligalivet.blogg.se/
Postat av: Oscaaarrrrrr

som faen!

2011-09-14 @ 23:03:19
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Postat av: cover letters

what men!!! I fall in love ;)

Postat av: Victor

To bad Entourage got canned/canceled! Although they're going to (or perhaps already have) start Californication again, not equally good but it's a decent substitute until something better pops up!

2012-01-11 @ 22:09:59

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