All the garments above by MA Fashion Design Technology student, Tsz Fung Kwok.

The two pictures above by MA Fashion Design Technology student, Yao Zhao.

I got the chance to speak with lovely Tina Reiter, one of 6 nominated students from MA Fashion Design technology, showing a smaller part of her Men's collection, which covers 40 pieces in total.

She will be showing the full collection at the LCF show in V&A on the second of February where they will pick 1 winner out of 3 nominees for Men's wear and the same for Ladies.

She told me a little bit about a few of her pieces, the colorpalette in the middle for example started out black and she used a bleaching technique to get the desired color. I found her designs very interesting and I must say she is deffo my favourite to look forward to, for the show @ V&A!

Right next to Tina they were doing a live fashion shoot with models wearing the clothing from the nominated students which will be posted in a few days time I assume.

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Postat av: Percival Dawson

Some truly wonderful articles on this website, appreciate it for contribution.

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