Part 3 will cover a mix of everything, from mainly Artefacts to embroided multi functional leather bags.

These pictures above cover some of the work from MA Fashion Artefact student Ana Rajcevic, which by the way won what I believe would be the first prize within her specific area during the evenings event.

These 3 pictures above, MA Fashion Artefact student, Taeseok Kang.

These last 4 pictures was actually one of mine and Arturos favourite within artefacts/jewellery. MA Fashion Artefact student, Mengxiao Fan with her collection of chunky jewellery called Surreal Eyes, Mysterious..

Just look at those amazing pieces, really do like the knuckleduster.

Pictures above, MA Fashion Artefact student, Octavia Xiaozi Tang with her creations.

Arturo with the MA Fashion Artefact student, Linda Holten Ramsvik and good friend. Sorry for the blurry piccs of these, I suggest that you press the link to get better ones!

Pictures above, MA Fashion Artefact student, Daisy Jie Feng.

MA Fashion Artefact student, Christina Hamilton, won the Leathersellers Company Business start up award!

MA Fashion Artefact student, Charlotte Valkeniers with a future customer maybe? :)

Lovely host Frances and Arturo.

Over & out for this part, 2 more to go!



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