All of the pictures above, MA Fashion Footwear student, Ross Barber.

These shoes really did catch my eye, I noticed straight away that Ross was working in some kind of 3D for the sole, he describes them as following: "A hybrid fusion of traditional shoemaking and 3d print technology".

He furthermore told me that it's like a contagious virus breaking through making the sole and we can follow every stage of it starting from left and working our way up. I really do find this mix interesting as I do know the amount of time that goes behind making these patterns. And the fact that they are actually wearable as we can see Ross wearing the one with the smallest "infection" does definetly not make them less interesting!
Update: Ross won the Jimmy Choo MA award aswell and receieved a sum of £1500!

Neil Barrett popped by to say hello to Ross and I snapped a picture while he did!

One of two Swedes at the exhibition, MA Fashion Footwear student, Elin Melin and Tina Reiter.

Shara Hayz

Got loads more pictures from the other part of the exhibition which had a bigger focus on media, photography, paintings etc. I'll sort a update later this week.

Over & out



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