Not a newsflash for most people walking down Carnaby street regularly as the renovation been going on for quite a while, a few of you might have noticed that they've got a concession in Selfridges aswell since last year.

What you might not know about Monki though is the fact that it's the Swedish sister brand of Cheap Monday and Weekday, which is run by Fabric Scandinavia and owned by the bigger company H&M!

Cheap Monday which most people probably know from Urban Outfitters here in UK is also going to be a part of this new store concept and most likely we will see a mix of the three brands. Judging by the most recent interview on the matter on Weekdays website with Danish Mr.Henrik Aaen which started working for the company as COO last year, there's going to be a store for men aswell in the spring of 2012. My guess is that it's going to be a part of this one, but who know's, maybe we get our own dedicated store?

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