We all know how hyped the platform-shoe have been these past few seasons, it's impossible to miss and it's not going to be different this summer nor next winter as most of the bigger designers are jumping on the bandwagon.

Personally I am quite picky when it comes to shoes as Creepers and those killer Spice Girls platforms is way to much for my taste + they tend to look abit tacky.

High street all look the same, basically workwearboots (ripping Givenchy) or Chukk's with soles in either cork, foam, rubber or a random mix trying to rip off Prada, basically epic-fail!

I'm trying to find a good looking shoe that is something inbetween the British Creeper and a more dressed, simple option. This is a few of my favourites.

From the top George Cox X Yohji Yamamoto, second one is George Cox X Japanese LABRAT and last but not least the A/W 11 shoes from Mugler X Underground.

Over & out



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