My fellow blogger and friend Wiktor aka The Wiktor Diet shared these pictures with me today from a photoshoot, dressed in Barbara Gongini SS12.

If you never heard of Wiktor before, it's about time you do, as he does ALL of the styling, makeup and photo editing on his own, not just on these pictures above, but on all of them, which is quite impressive!

I've been following Wiktor's Blog and Tumblr for a long time. What makes his blog stand out from the crowd and worth following is not just his impeccable sense of style, but the way he edit his work!

The fact that it's all done by himself gives him this rare chance to share the exact expression and feeling that he's looking for with each single picture and you do see this shining through all of them. For me as a reader this is truly inspiring and I know for a fact that Wiktor is going to go a long way if he continues following the path he's walking...

Over and out


Postat av: Gauthier

Thank you so much for your comment, your blog is very inspiring! You have some awesome tastes! X

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