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Got quite a few more readers lately and as I've been using since 2009 which lacks a lot of functions I figured it's about time for a change.

My new blog is called Le Roi de Noir = The King of Black which hopefully gives a good picture of the blog and the person behind it.

Here's the link:

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Just had to share this soundtrack that's been stuck on my mind since the show with Stine Riis @ Stockholm fashion week.

His stuff is dope, check this tune out aswell!

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A mix of pictures from yesterdays event, showing the MA students work from London College of Fashion in the beautiful Raphael Room at the V&A museum!

As usual my digitalcamera does not deliver proper pictures at all unless the light of the room/scene is to my favour.

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28 year old Danish Stine Riis, recently graduated from LCF in UK, London snapped the first price in H&M Design Award!

The price included a sum of €50.000 and the chance to sell 15 garments from her collection "Decadence & Decay" in picked H&M stores in UK, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Sweden and Germany in September.

The jury in the competition included some well known names such as Christopher Kane, Hilary Alexander, Kristopher Arden Houser, Margareta Van Den Bosch, H&M's head of design Ann-Sofie Johansson and the blogger Susie Lau.

Video's and pictures in courtesy of H&M.

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All of the pictures above, MA Fashion Footwear student, Ross Barber.

These shoes really did catch my eye, I noticed straight away that Ross was working in some kind of 3D for the sole, he describes them as following: "A hybrid fusion of traditional shoemaking and 3d print technology".

He furthermore told me that it's like a contagious virus breaking through making the sole and we can follow every stage of it starting from left and working our way up. I really do find this mix interesting as I do know the amount of time that goes behind making these patterns. And the fact that they are actually wearable as we can see Ross wearing the one with the smallest "infection" does definetly not make them less interesting!
Update: Ross won the Jimmy Choo MA award aswell and receieved a sum of £1500!

Neil Barrett popped by to say hello to Ross and I snapped a picture while he did!

One of two Swedes at the exhibition, MA Fashion Footwear student, Elin Melin and Tina Reiter.

Shara Hayz

Got loads more pictures from the other part of the exhibition which had a bigger focus on media, photography, paintings etc. I'll sort a update later this week.

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Part 3 will cover a mix of everything, from mainly Artefacts to embroided multi functional leather bags.

These pictures above cover some of the work from MA Fashion Artefact student Ana Rajcevic, which by the way won what I believe would be the first prize within her specific area during the evenings event.

These 3 pictures above, MA Fashion Artefact student, Taeseok Kang.

These last 4 pictures was actually one of mine and Arturos favourite within artefacts/jewellery. MA Fashion Artefact student, Mengxiao Fan with her collection of chunky jewellery called Surreal Eyes, Mysterious..

Just look at those amazing pieces, really do like the knuckleduster.

Pictures above, MA Fashion Artefact student, Octavia Xiaozi Tang with her creations.

Arturo with the MA Fashion Artefact student, Linda Holten Ramsvik and good friend. Sorry for the blurry piccs of these, I suggest that you press the link to get better ones!

Pictures above, MA Fashion Artefact student, Daisy Jie Feng.

MA Fashion Artefact student, Christina Hamilton, won the Leathersellers Company Business start up award!

MA Fashion Artefact student, Charlotte Valkeniers with a future customer maybe? :)

Lovely host Frances and Arturo.

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All the garments above by MA Fashion Design Technology student, Tsz Fung Kwok.

The two pictures above by MA Fashion Design Technology student, Yao Zhao.

I got the chance to speak with lovely Tina Reiter, one of 6 nominated students from MA Fashion Design technology, showing a smaller part of her Men's collection, which covers 40 pieces in total.

She will be showing the full collection at the LCF show in V&A on the second of February where they will pick 1 winner out of 3 nominees for Men's wear and the same for Ladies.

She told me a little bit about a few of her pieces, the colorpalette in the middle for example started out black and she used a bleaching technique to get the desired color. I found her designs very interesting and I must say she is deffo my favourite to look forward to, for the show @ V&A!

Right next to Tina they were doing a live fashion shoot with models wearing the clothing from the nominated students which will be posted in a few days time I assume.

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So right when we got in at the entrance around 7'ish this wall was all empty and started to slowly being filled up with this amazing illustration by Benai Ah Matheson, for the full clip by creative director Phoebe Harrison (on picture), visit:

This was the second section of the main-room which was showing off pattern cutters interpretation of designs from: Yohji Yamamoto, Comme Des garcons, Prada and more.

Yohji Yamamoto A/W 2006, by: Alicia Horgan.

Yohji Yamamoto A/W 2010, by: Nadja Hermann.

MA Fashion and Environment student, Emily Towers, interviewed after she won one of the evenings awards..

As I've snapped quite a few pictures during the evening I will make one post covering each section of the exhibition that I found more interesting as I did not have time to cover every single part of it.

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I went to Harvey Nichols yesterday, in the hunt for the sandals, leggings and the kilt from earlier post.

As they only had a bunch of t-shirts and quite boring things I left my details for the next delivery which will be more of the things taken straight from the show and definetly the sandals! :)

As I did feel a need of getting something, I got these two badges from S/S12 to still my hunger with the motive from last season!

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Going to Harvey Nichols tomorrow to check out if they got these babies yet + a white kilt, if not I would just have to order from Luisaviaroma, looks like I would have to wait to March though... :(

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We all know how hyped the platform-shoe have been these past few seasons, it's impossible to miss and it's not going to be different this summer nor next winter as most of the bigger designers are jumping on the bandwagon.

Personally I am quite picky when it comes to shoes as Creepers and those killer Spice Girls platforms is way to much for my taste + they tend to look abit tacky.

High street all look the same, basically workwearboots (ripping Givenchy) or Chukk's with soles in either cork, foam, rubber or a random mix trying to rip off Prada, basically epic-fail!

I'm trying to find a good looking shoe that is something inbetween the British Creeper and a more dressed, simple option. This is a few of my favourites.

From the top George Cox X Yohji Yamamoto, second one is George Cox X Japanese LABRAT and last but not least the A/W 11 shoes from Mugler X Underground.

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Pictures in courtesy of Attitude

Im quite the fan of black, as most of my readers probably know by now. This season however there's so much designers going for the "all-white" look that I might just give it a go. Just look at these pictures above from Attitude's February Issue!

Picc 1: Top, JW Anderson.
Picc 2: Yves Saint Laurent.
Picc 3: Givenchy.

Photographer: Philip Riches.
Stylist: Frank Strachan.

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Pictures in courtesy of: 1. Obscur SS12, 2. Fannie Schiavoni, 3. Pelayo Diaz

Few random piccs, enjoy!

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My fellow blogger and friend Wiktor aka The Wiktor Diet shared these pictures with me today from a photoshoot, dressed in Barbara Gongini SS12.

If you never heard of Wiktor before, it's about time you do, as he does ALL of the styling, makeup and photo editing on his own, not just on these pictures above, but on all of them, which is quite impressive!

I've been following Wiktor's Blog and Tumblr for a long time. What makes his blog stand out from the crowd and worth following is not just his impeccable sense of style, but the way he edit his work!

The fact that it's all done by himself gives him this rare chance to share the exact expression and feeling that he's looking for with each single picture and you do see this shining through all of them. For me as a reader this is truly inspiring and I know for a fact that Wiktor is going to go a long way if he continues following the path he's walking...

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As someone decided to knick my old "bag on a string"-wallet a few weeks ago I've been looking for something new that could fill a simular function, I knew for a fact that it had to be something edgy and interesting.

So today when I got my hands on this very rare vintage Yohji Yamamoto Homme wallet I just had to go for it! Look at all those details, it's pretty amazing, innit!?!

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